Thursday, September 03, 2009

!#$%^&*!!!! Growing golf balls (so to speak), plus (:

So the hubster goes back to the hospital for removal of the stent left in after his recent surgery--and the doctor has to leave the bleeping thing in, because he finds more pieces of kidney stone! What does the Punster have in there, a golf-ball farm? :(

Next time, I'll take my mini-ArtScroll Siddur (prayer book) rather than either my new pocket Koren-Sacks Siddur or my good old "baby Birnbaum," because neither the Koren-Sacks nor the Birnbaum Siddur contains the entire Sefer Tehillim/Book of Psalms, and having one with me might have come in handy yesterday. When I went out into the hall to davven Shacharit (pray the Morning Service) because the television in the family waiting room was too distracting, not only did a man follow me into the hall, he stood within roughly four feet of me almost the entire time I was davvening! How thoughtless, to invade someone's personal space at such a time. (My baseball hat really came in handy--the nice big brim hid a good portion of my face from his view, and hid a good deal of him from me, as well, alleviating the distraction somewhat.) Next time, I'll read as many psalms as necessary to discourage such a person from getting in my face.


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